The lifestyle of yoga   is a hot trend amongst people who are seeking healthy lifestyles, whether  they want to start fresh in the morning or keep their body and spirits balanced.

One thing you should know about yoga moves is that every technique needs to be dealt with good care and you need to have the sense of feeling good when you are practicing yoga moves. Kind of like freeing your mind once you start practicing, it is one of the main purposes for performing these moves and this mentality will help master harder to learn moves/poses/techniques in the future if you ever consider digging deeper inside the secrets to master advanced techniques.

''You can only pursue Your dreams once You know what they are.''
-Yoga Moves quote

yoga moves

If you cannot manage to sleep because of insomnia.

If you cannot be who you really are because of certain complexities in your life. Don't know where to go for life changing help and results?

You can try these these two excersises before bed in witch can help you relieve the effects of insomnia without having to resort to drugs at the pharmacy. People from all across the globe are putting more and more confidence in these specialized yoga moves.

The good thing is that these can be done virtually anywhere, well in a place with mat or soft floor and some peace. This is why it's perfect to do it beside your bed in your room before sleeping. The begining of yoga will seem useless but once again, you need to feel free while performing these yoga moves.

The Seven Steps

to better Sleep!

Contraindictions. These yoga poses should not performed without expert yoga instructor if you have lower back problems.

Notice. You will not be able, from your first try, to execute these positions entirely. For example take a look at the women in the pictures she is practically bending herself in half, doing so without proper education can result in getting yourself hurt . Go slowly and carefully after three months of training you be able to complete these yoga moves with ease.

Uttanasana/Standing Forward Bend

Sarvangasana or Shoulder Stand.

yoga moves

 These two Yoga moves shown above can be practiced near your bed, yes i know i haven't got in to the details with these yoga moves witch in my opinion are fairly simply to do. It's because i just started writing a PDF with some detailed yoga moves for my viewers. Once it is done i will be handing it out for free, only to those who want to learn yoga moves of course.

Yoga moves Introduction

''Find your inner peace''